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Affected by downstream enterprises, Jinjiang corrugated outer packaging is facing a choice

business is getting worse day by day, orders are not full, and enterprises are almost difficult to maintain. Recently, Mr. Chen, the boss of an old corrugated packaging enterprise in Jinjiang (hereinafter referred to as company Y), sighed helplessly. Mr. Chen's anxiety began to appear in the second half of last year. With the decreasing orders, this situation is getting worse

in fact, not only company Y, but also many corrugated packaging enterprises in Jinjiang this year are worried about the increasingly cold business. The root cause is related to the sluggish economic situation and more to the strategy and positioning of these enterprises themselves

the situation of finished product enterprises

affected the upstream

packaging industry

General Manager Chen frankly said that the company's decline was actually getting worse. In fact, he had been prepared for it long ago, but he didn't welcome calls for consultation and thought that this day would come so soon. The company's products, services and customers are too single

y company is a professional manufacturer of corrugated packaging boxes, mainly providing customers with product outer packaging boxes. President Chen introduced that there are many categories of packaging, including product inner boxes, handbags, product labels, etc. at the beginning of the establishment, the enterprise wanted to concentrate on one category, so it chose to focus on the field of outer packaging and mainly supply Jinjiang ceramic industry. Because of the focus, the technology and product quality of company Y soon won the recognition of customers, and the scale of the enterprise is becoming larger and larger

but it is also because of concentration that the crisis of company Y has hidden dangers. Since last year, the situation of the ceramic industry has been quite bad, and the output has been greatly affected, which naturally affects our upstream suppliers, especially our market is highly concentrated in the upstream of the ceramic industry. President Chen said

z company, like y company, has encountered an unprecedented low tide since the establishment of the company. Wu, general manager of the company, introduced that the company's products are also mainly corrugated outer packaging boxes, and some corrugated cardboard is also produced to supply tertiary factories (that is, manufacturers that purchase cardboard from secondary factories, process it into cartons, and then sell it to end customers). Although the paperboard business has helped the company flush some output, the business volume of company Z has obviously shrunk in the past two years because the market is also mainly concentrated in the ceramic industry and auto parts industry

in addition to Z and Y companies, a number of Jinjiang corrugated packaging companies have also admitted that due to the large inventory of the footwear and clothing industry, upstream packaging enterprises that mainly supply footwear and clothing are also having a hard time

the entry threshold of corrugated packaging industry is not high, and the added value of products is low. In recent years, with the influx of more and more competitors into this industry, the price has been very transparent, and the profit has become thinner and thinner. Mr. Wu admitted that in the corrugated packaging field, it is those non-standard small factories that have not even got a business license that can make profits. Under the vicious competition, normative manufacturers such as Y company and Z Company are in the most difficult situation

focus on all-round improvement of competitiveness

just when companies Z and y are worried about the increasingly bleak business, there are also some peers who started at the same time with them. Because they adjust their strategies in time, they have not been affected by the low tide of the industry

competing for the price of corrugated paper per square meter will only lead us into homogeneous competition and a dead end. Xierongshu, general manager of Quanzhou Baoshu Packaging Co., Ltd., said that previously Baoshu also focused on making corrugated outer packaging boxes. Since its opening last year, he proposed a new concept of providing customers with an overall packaging plan, that is, from Trademarks to tags, to toe paper, to shoe boxes, to outer packaging boxes, etc., Baoshu contracted them all to provide them with an overall packaging plan for the whole year. In the whole package, although we only produce a few of them, Baoshu will purchase and complete the other packaging products. The customer only needs to tell us his needs, and we are fully responsible for the rest

it is reported that Xiamen Cele company has now handed over its overall packaging plan to Baoshu. Xierongshu said that providing customers with an overall packaging scheme can save customers purchasing staff and a lot of manpower, material resources and energy. The key is to save packaging costs; For Baoshu, by integrating a series of packaging resources, it can provide value-added services for customers, so Baoshu's competitiveness and advantages have been significantly improved

Fujian Tenghui Packaging Co., Ltd. has shifted from focus to omnipotence. But Baoshu realizes omnipotence by integrating external resources, while Tenghui packaging realizes omnipotence by expanding new categories, introducing production lines, and supporting itself

Guo Huihuang, chairman of Tenghui packaging, introduced that Tenghui initially only produced corrugated boxes, while printing was only based on watermarks, and its customers were mainly connected to the food industry. In recent years, although the development momentum of the food industry has been good, Tenghui packaging has not been satisfied with this, but has been constantly introducing new equipment and technology, expanding product lines and service categories

it is reported that Tenghui not only produces corrugated cardboard, cartons and other outer packaging, but also produces shoe boxes, environmental protection handbags, paper lunch boxes and other inner packaging. At the same time, Tenghui packaging has also mastered a variety of printing technologies such as watermark, flexographic printing, color printing, etc., and the process is quite mature, which is convenient to help customers analyze which printing technology can best reflect the packaging characteristics of products, and also convenient to help customers control costs

therefore, once customers choose Tenghui packaging, they can realize one-stop procurement from outside to inside, without having to compare with each other. The competitiveness of Tenghui packaging is also reflected

customer demand is the key to transformation

packaging enterprises mainly depend on whether customers are complementary. If they are customers in only oneortwo industries, the low volume of orders will be greatly restricted by downstream customers, and their ability to resist risks will be weak. As soon as there is trouble in the industry, orders will swing. Pengjianping, assistant to the chairman of nature packaging group, said that some peers have suffered a decline in orders because of their focus

it is reported that at the beginning of the 21st century, nature packaging group has begun to provide customers with a full set of packaging products such as paper inner boxes, handbags, outer boxes, boutique packaging, etc. Therefore, although many peers have said that the market is depressed in recent years, nature's business has not been affected much

we also see the transformation of our peers, but we should shift from focus to omnipotence, with great investment and risks, and dare not act rashly. Chen of company Y and Wu of company Z said

the most important thing to do a full set of packaging is for customers to have demand. If you invest in a full set of packaging because of the market downturn and dissatisfaction with your business, the risk is very high, and it may get worse and worse. Generally, if you enter a new category, or others can't do it, you can do it well; Or the price should be very low. Otherwise, it is difficult to be competitive. Peng Jianping said that the reason why nature group first made a full set of packaging was that the company had long-term accumulation and a large number of customer needs. At the beginning, it was the customer's demand that forced the company to meet the customer's requirements by simply reacting the specific heat capacity of the material to the heat required to raise the unit temperature of the unit mass of the material. Now the company has completed the layout, and there are special handbag factories, cartons, color printing, outer carton factories, until now it has developed to provide overall packaging solutions

by strengthening our R & D and service capabilities in the packaging field, we use our professional knowledge and resources in the paper packaging industry to provide users with the selection of packaging materials and suppliers. Since the framework components of the experimental machine are the framework selection that bears the experimental force, the scheme design, testing and production of packaging graphic design and structural design, A complete set of products and business support system value-added services from logistics distribution to end users. Peng Jianping said that providing overall packaging solutions will be the development direction of the industry in the future

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