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Zhaotong trough cable tray related information 09c1

Zhaotong trough cable tray related information 09c1

Hebei Zhuoxin FRP Products Co., Ltd. is a large-scale and technologically advanced manufacturer specializing in the production and sales of FRP industry in Hebei. The company's main products include various types of FRP profiles, round bars, square tubes, round tubes, rectangular tubes, triangle tubes, channel steels, angle steels, I-beams, guardrails, marker posts, signboards All kinds of pultruded FRP products, such as column outline markers, cable trays, cooling tower filler brackets, anti-corrosion purlins, FRP tiles, farm floor support beams, are welcome to consult, negotiate and develop together


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corrosion resistant resin, according to different application occasions, a certain proportion, through mechanized continuous molding at a certain temperature, is not only more economical than hand paste molding, but also has higher production efficiency. It is more optional in size, and the quality of products can be more effectively guaranteed, Therefore, the application of pultruded glass cable tray to replace iron cable tray is inevitable in the future civil exhibition. Advantages of railway FRP cable tray: beautiful appearance, light weight, high mechanical strength, replacing the traditional iron sheet or cement cable tray box. It has good weather resistance. It is suitable for temperatures ranging from -40 ℃ to 70 ℃, and meets the environmental requirements of a wide range of regions in China, with large differences in temperature, humidity and altitude. Due to the use of inorganic materials and modifiers, the railway FRP cable trough has excellent aging resistance. It has strong resistance to water, acids, alkalis and various oils of general concentration, and the solvent has greatly improved its service life. The use of advanced manufacturing technology and high-quality raw materials fundamentally eliminates the moisture absorption of inorganic materials

anti aging and flame retardant. FRP cable tray is a product in the field of reinforced plastics. The matrix material has the problems of natural aging and combustion. But after more than 60 years. After more than 30 years of research, it has been preliminarily solved. Reinforcing material is treated with coupling agent. After 50 years of use, the bending strength can be maintained at 64-46%, and the retention rate of tensile strength is 71.2%. If the antioxidant is added, the anti-aging performance is better; The glass fiber reinforced plastic matrix is added with flame retardant and the flame retardant resin is added with flame retardant. The oxygen index can reach 34-36. Meet the flame retardant and fire prevention requirements of fermentation equipment. The comprehensive cost is low. As a new functional material, FRP cable tray has a high price because of its raw materials. Generally speaking, the price of FRP equipment is higher than that of carbon steel equipment and some plastic equipment, while low dry stainless steel and other non-ferrous metal equipment. However, FRP has the advantages of light weight, good corrosion resistance, long service life and less maintenance. Its installation, use cost and comprehensive cost

GRP cable tray has the characteristics of light weight, otherwise the shrinkage of products in each mold cavity will not be consistent, flame retardant, corrosion resistance, temperature resistance, high mechanical strength, etc. The load capacity of pultruded FRP cable tray is similar to that of steel cable tray of the same specification and thickness, and its weight is one quarter of that of steel. Compared with any surface treatment of steel cable tray, it has the advantages of strong corrosion resistance and long service life, and is suitable for corrosive environment of single medium such as acid and alkali. Classification of FRP cable tray: trough cable tray trough cable tray is a fully enclosed cable tray, which is suitable for laying computer cables, communication cables, thermocouple cables and control cables of other highly sensitive systems. It has a good effect on shielding interference of control cables and cable protection in heavy corrosion environment. Tray type cable tray tray type cable tray is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, light industry, television, telecommunications and other fields. It has the advantages of light weight, large load, beautiful appearance, simple structure, convenient installation and so on. It is suitable for power cables

various pultruded FRP products such as cooling tower filler brackets, anti-corrosion purlins, FRP tiles, farm floor support beams, etc. welcome colleagues and friends to consult and negotiate for common development. Hezhuoxin FRP Products Co., Ltd. produces various types of FRP pultruded profiles, anti-corrosion purlins, FRP outline markers, and FRP floor beams

main products: FRP round bar, FRP square pipe, FRP round pipe, FRP rectangular pipe, FRP triangle pipe, FRP channel steel, FRP angle steel, FRP I-beam, FRP guardrail, FRP sign pile, FRP sign board, column FRP outline mark, FRP cable tray, FRP filler bracket of cooling tower, FRP anti-corrosion purlin, FRP tile Farm floor FRP support beams and other pultruded FRP products

the company integrates the design, R & D, manufacturing and sales of environmental protection and energy-saving equipment. After long-term efforts, it has developed into a key high-tech enterprise in Hebei Province. The company's main products include: Sales of FRP grating, FRP pultruded profiles, FRP pipes, FRP storage tanks, FRP desulfurization towers, FRP spray pipes, FRP fans, FRP cooling towers and accessories, demisters, FRP air ducts, FRP hand pasted products, FRP toilets, FRP garbage cans, FRP outline markers, FRP marker Posts and other FRP products


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and for some equipment with complex or harsh service conditions, different methods can be adopted, such as stainless steel or titanium for heating coil. Lined with thermoplastic, etc. In order to achieve both excellent performance and cost reduction. 8) Inspection method and production process of FRP cable trough at present, FRP cable trough in the market is mostly made of FRP, and the raw materials of FRP are synthetic resin and glass fiber. Filler materials with different properties can also be added according to the actual situation to enhance various properties, so as to achieve application advantages. The cable trunking made of the materials used by our manufacturer adopts relatively advanced FRP production process, mechanized continuous production, and integrates the advantages of a variety of materials. The products produced are stable in size and optional in type. Different lengths can also be selected according to actual needs, with high strength, high stiffness and corrosion resistance, which are highly praised by users. The pultrusion molding process is used in the production process, and there is no need to splice. Therefore, the bearing

quality and good reputation are the real value of the brand and the foundation for the survival of brand enterprises. The rise of fire-retardant cables is not an unrealistic fantasy, but the call of the generic cabling market. 12) The performance index of FRP cable tray FRP cable tray is widely used in the power industry. With the development of network and the application of 3g4g, we have stepped into a platform for faster information exchange. The emergence of various environmental protection cables has brought a broad prospect to the production of FRP cable tray. As a power facility, we should also make changes to meet the needs of social development. The production line of FRP cable tray forming machine can produce cable tray. Different specifications are completed by changing the die. The roll bending machine adopts a combined adjustable type. After a set of rolls is completed, all specifications of cable tray products can be formed, and the specification changes can be adjusted automatically. Now let's learn about the performance of the equipment: you can roll a variety of FRP cables with a strip width of 100mm ≤§≤ 860mm according to production needs

I) installation steps of highway FRP box before installing the highway FRP box, set up a support on the bridge. The size of the support frame depends on the specification of the highway FRP box, but the spacing should not be greater than 1500mm. It is generally made of angle steel. Put the FRP box of the expressway on the support. After the position is determined, drill through the FRP box and the support frame of the expressway with an electric hand drill on the position of the support frame, and then tighten it with bolts. Drill two holes on each support frame, with a hole diameter of 10mm, and use two sets of M8 bolts. Socket joints and joint cover plates shall be used at the joints of FRP boxes on expressways to connect the two sections of FRP boxes on expressways as a whole. Concrete pipe or steel pipe can be used for the connection between the fiberglass reinforced plastic box of Expressway and the subgrade cable. At the turning of the road, the fiberglass reinforced plastic highway fiberglass box elbow is connected with the pipe box. Plastic bolts and stainless steel bolts are used to fix the cover and the box body of the glass fiber reinforced plastic box of expressway. 2) Specification advantages of glass fiber reinforced plastic cable tray more advanced glass fiber reinforced plastic pultrusion is adopted for glass fiber reinforced plastic cable tray

square tubes, round tubes, cable trays and other products with a frequency of 80 ⑵ 50Hz and a short test time are the first choice for FRP pultrusion products. Our company strives for survival by quality and development by reputation. Hebei Zhuoxin FRP Products Co., Ltd. mainly produces various types of FRP profiles, square tubes, round tubes, rectangular tubes, triangular tubes, channel steels, angle steels, I-beams, round bars, guardrails, marker posts, signboards, and cylindrical contour markers


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