Influencing factors of the hottest carton forming

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At present, people not only have higher and higher requirements for the internal quality of goods, but also pay more attention to the packaging of goods, which requires that the packaging color box should not only have bright colors and generous design, but also be beautiful and square. The automatic box pasting machine is more and more widely used because of its high production efficiency and good forming quality. However, in the actual production process, there are often some thorny problems, which make it difficult to give full play to its advantages

there are many factors that affect the forming quality of cartons, the most important of which are two aspects

(1) material factors, including the use of web paper, the water content of paper, the fiber direction of paper, the reasonable selection of adhesive, etc

(2) process factors, such as surface finishing of printed matter, production of die-cutting plate, setting of process parameters, etc

influence of material factors

1. Influence of paper deformation on forming quality

the paper itself is uneven and curly. After printing, die cutting and pasting the box, the beauty of the box type will be affected. Paper deformation is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

(1) deformation caused by the curl of the web itself. Now most color boxes are printed on web paper, and some are also imported web paper. Due to the limitations of the site and transportation conditions, the imported web paper should be cut in China. The storage time of the cut paper is generally short. In addition, in terms of internal mining, plus the difficulty of capital turnover of some manufacturers, it is now used and bought. Therefore, most of the cut paper is printed and processed without being completely leveled. If you buy the slitted sheet fed paper directly, the situation is much better

(2) deformation caused by the change of paper moisture content. The moisture contained in each paper must be evenly distributed and balanced with the surrounding humidity, otherwise the phenomenon of "lotus leaf edge" and "tight edge" will appear after a long time, which will affect the beauty of the final box. For cut cardboard, the stacking time should not be too long

(3) deformation caused by inappropriate typography. The decisive factor is the fiber direction of the paper. Once the opening direction of the carton is parallel to the fiber direction of the paper, the phenomenon of strengthening the management of the hydraulic oil by the opening drum is very obvious, because the paper absorbs water in the printing process, and then after UV glazing, calendering, film coating and other surface processing, it will be deformed more or less in the production process, and the tension between the surface and bottom of the deformed paper is inconsistent, Since both sides of the carton have been glued and fixed during forming, it only opens outward, resulting in the phenomenon that the opening of the carton is too large after forming

in this regard, we should find a way to solve it from the way of composition. Nowadays, the fiber direction of paper in the market is basically fixed, mostly in the longitudinal direction, while the printing of color boxes is to put a certain number of pieces on a folio or quarto paper. Generally, the more a piece of paper is put together, the better, without affecting the product quality, because this can reduce the waste of materials and reduce costs, and the price calculated by this arrangement can be accepted by customers, But blindly considering the factors of making up without considering the fiber direction, the formed carton can not meet the requirements of customers. In general, it is ideal that the fiber direction of the paper is perpendicular to the direction of the opening

at the same time, special attention should be paid to avoid sticking the box tongue at the mouth to the left socket edge, otherwise when the flip is inserted into the socket edge, the flip is easy to be pushed by the box tongue at the sticking mouth, and when the box is small and the number is large, it will bring great inconvenience to the use of the carton

2. The influence of paper type on paste box fastness

different paper types have different effects on paste box fastness. White card paper is mainly used for printing wine boxes and medicine boxes. Common faults: white card paper with gray background when loading, gold/silver card paper and some other special papers

white paperboard has high weight, good surface smoothness, high flatness, high tightness, and poor permeability of adhesive. Therefore, in the process of pasting boxes, if the surface characteristics are not considered, it may lead to poor adhesion. In this regard, it is generally necessary to take edge grinding treatment to increase the friction coefficient of the bonding edge and the permeability of the adhesive, and improve the adhesion fastness. The bottom layer of grey white board is rough, with strong water absorption and good permeability to adhesive, so the adhesion fastness is better than that of white board. The surface smoothness and flatness of gold/silver paperboard are higher, but generally it needs to be covered with film. At this time, the use of film/paper adhesive is conducive to improving the adhesion fastness

3. The influence of adhesive on the fastness of paste box

adhesive is one of the most important factors affecting the fastness of paste box. Choose adhesives, generally according to paper/paper, plastic/paper. The paper/paper type adhesive used by our company is 31. Among the most widely used conventional plastic granulator equipment, 3 water-based adhesive has good consistency, high stability and good leveling performance, which is suitable for rapid bonding. Plastic/paper type adhesive adopts 815 machine plastic/paper sealing adhesive, which has high solid content, fast drying speed, good adhesion performance, good high and low temperature resistance, moderate hardness, good brushing performance, good cold and heat resistance, fast initial adhesion speed, and can realize high-speed bonding

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