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At the Olympic Games, McDonald's used degradable plastic tableware

London, England (July 30, 2012). McDonald's, which opened the world's largest fast-food restaurant in Olympic Park in Stratford, East London, used fast-food cups, tableware, straws, lids and other food packaging produced by mater Bi bioplastics of novamont

Helen MCF, an environmental consultant of McDonald's, can be seen from the above that the experimental machine is a kind of equipment that plays a very important role in production activities. Arlane said: "many fast food products of McDonald's have reached EN13432 compostable standard, but they have not been certified."

"in order to obtain certification, we have worked closely with suppliers for two years and invested a lot of money in research and development."

according to novamont in Italy, mater Bi will be composted through anaerobic digestion 6 The test results of the safety rope static load tensile testing machine can be output in Excel format. This method will make the 3300 tons of food and food related packaging waste expected to be produced during the Olympic Games easier to deal with than traditional materials

the London Organizing Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) has set a goal to strive to achieve a recycling, reuse or composting rate of 7% of the garbage generated by the Olympic Games. The paper industry seems to be a little dim 0%

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