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Market growth, profit decline background wall industry has entered winter

"the market is growing, profits are declining, and business is more difficult to do." Speaking of the background wall in recent years, people in the industry coincidentally give such a description. Some people say that the background wall industry has entered the winter period

for a long time, due to the low threshold or even "zero threshold" industry attribute of the background wall industry, it has attracted a large number of industry insiders to take it as the first choice for entrepreneurship. However, with the influx of merchants and the continuous development of the market, the background wall industry presents an abnormal chaos of serious product homogeneity and fierce price war, and various industry ills are also highlighted

"after the chaos is Dazhi, 2018 may be the watershed of the background wall industry." Some people in the industry believe that, in fact, the background plastic machine industry will grow by more than 12% on average every year, and the wall is still a sunrise industry, "Nowadays, the background wall is just like a turbulent Jianghu. The threshold of the industry has been raised year by year. A number of small boats with weak strength will gradually be lost in the wind and waves, leaving behind large ships with strong strength, focus on model innovation, service and strong business management ability.

ten year development path

the background wall is not an emerging industry. The generalized background wall has existed for a long time and has an ancient and long history of development and evolution It has also experienced the transformation of various popular trends, from the screen in feudal society to the TV cabinet in the modern black-and-white TV era, and then to the wallpaper, coating, sandstone, the development of the background wall industry at each stage has been deeply branded with the changes of the times

however, the ceramic tile background wall belongs to an emerging field, which has been developing for only 10 years. About the origin of ceramic tile background wall, the answers given by insiders are different, roughly around 2006-2009. During this period, ceramic tile background wall is a "virgin land" that needs to be developed urgently. The market is in the embryonic stage, and few people know the concept of ceramic tile background wall

at that time, the background wall materials, processing equipment and technology in recent years were very limited. Polycrystalline and Pilates were the mainstream ceramic tile products in the industry, and the technology was only to engrave patterns, spray paint pictures and colors on the surface of ceramic tiles - this method was called "plain carving", which was first carved manually, and then painted with paint. Due to the single material and simple process, the ornamental and physical properties of the product are relatively lacking

2011 is an important year, marking the background wall from the embryonic stage to the development stage. The birth of color carving background wall and the popularization of inkjet printing technology inject new vitality into the background wall industry. At the same time, new ceramic tile products such as microcrystalline stone, fully glazed, stone tiles, marble tiles have become popular, providing a broader and convenient space for the background wall industry to use ceramic tiles as production materials

the use of inkjet technology has brought earth shaking changes to the background wall industry. The specific objects that people can think of can be displayed on the background wall pattern through this technology, and the color and pattern are also richer

it is recalled that when inkjet technology was not yet popular and the product design was simple, a pair of background wall products painted by a well-known domestic artist had sold at a high price of more than 80000 yuan in the market because of their great artistic value and visual impact, but the emergence of inkjet technology made many popular products mechanically copied

the ceramic tile background wall with significantly improved use properties is sought after by more and more consumers because of its excellent viewing performance and rich forms of expression, and the market will usher in a "blowout". At the same time, because of the low threshold of access and operation, it can be produced as long as it costs a not too high cost to buy the required machinery and equipment. "Many waist line manufacturers also began to rush into the background wall industry after smelling the business opportunities."

after 2014, the price of inkjet machine plummeted, making the entry threshold of the background wall industry lower. A person in charge of the background wall enterprise who entered the industry in 2011 recalled: "when we entered the industry, the inkjet machine was still relatively expensive, with a price of more than 1 million yuan/set, and more than 200000 yuan cheaper can also be bought after 2014. Just because the threshold annual plan investment of 15.1 billion yuan became lower, everyone felt that there was a profit, so it attracted a large number of businesses, including those who made design brochures, sold raw materials, and even logistics companies, who had cross-border shares."

at the same time, background wall manufacturers have also begun to appear in a large area in Shandong, Jiangxi, Sichuan and other domestic production areas. "Because many manufacturers are not large-scale, do not play a brand, very hidden, and some of them are difficult to count." Insiders admitted that there is no detailed statistical data on how many background wall manufacturers exist in a small area of Foshan

a set of data provided by inkjet equipment suppliers shows that in 2014, there were more than 200 inkjet equipment used to produce background walls in Foshan and more than 100 in Hunan Province, which shows that there are many background wall manufacturers. Not only that, there are also a considerable number of background wall manufacturers around many big cities, but the production mode and system are far from mature in Foshan

the background wall has blossomed all over the country

the entry threshold is being raised

the "blowout" emergence of manufacturers is not only a disaster for the background wall industry, but also forces the innovative development of the industry. According to insiders, 2014-2016 is the outbreak period of ceramic tile background wall, and the resulting price fight has severely impacted the healthy and benign price system in the past, and a vicious cycle has led to the increasingly fierce price war and quality war of products, and even some manufacturers have been in a state of low profit or no profit for a long time. Therefore, many enterprises choose to quit and switch to other industries

the life of powerful manufacturers is not easy, and the profits begin to decline. At the same time, wallpaper, leather, paint, glass, jade and other materials continue to occupy the background wall market. At the same time, under the factors of environmental protection rectification and rising raw material prices, the winter of the background wall industry has quietly arrived

in order to ensure a reasonable profit space and the healthy and benign development of the enterprise, the enterprise is forced to extend the product structure and expand the business scope, from the past single background wall to the overall space products such as roman columns, lines, ceilings, ceilings, and floor tiles

with the continuous development of the background wall industry, some disadvantages have gradually become prominent, among which product homogenization has become one of the main problems perplexing the development of background wall enterprises. In the case of intensified competition in the industry, many enterprises have no choice but to choose low-cost promotion in order to maintain the original market space. There are more and more promotional activities, and they are deeply trapped in the quagmire of "promotion and low price"

in the interview, this newspaper found that when talking about the development status of the background wall industry, insiders said that "the price war is extremely fierce, and profits have fallen sharply". According to reports, in the past few years, the background wall is a well deserved industry with low threshold and high return, and the enterprise profit margin can easily reach more than 35%, so that many people in the industry regard the background wall as the "first choice for entrepreneurship" - invest 100000 yuan, rent a store of dozens of square meters, and place a few samples to announce the establishment of a background wall brand

but now, under the full market competition, the profit margin of backwall enterprises has fallen sharply, and many weaker enterprises are even in a state of continuous losses and have to choose to exit. "In recent years, background wall enterprises have been withdrawing and entering. Taking Foshan porcelain sea international as an example, there are a large number of background wall exhibition halls, which are closed and opened in turn every year." According to the background wall industry, because of this, the life of background wall enterprises is very short, and only 30% to 40% of them have existed for more than five years

Rao is so. While a large number of enterprises withdraw, there are also enterprises pouring in one after another. "Every year, it is said that business is difficult to do, but it is done every year." According to a person from the background wall industry in Foshan Huaxia Ceramic City, in fact, from the market performance in recent years, the market cake of the background wall industry has been expanding, but more and more people are "sharing the cake", which is more difficult than before. Affected by this, the price system of enterprises is more fragile in the context of fierce market competition. In order to compete for orders, some enterprises even lowered the unit price of products by nearly 100 yuan/piece within a few months

"this year is a watershed for the background wall industry." Analysts said that under the full competition, the overall product innovation ability, supporting ability and service level of the background wall industry have been improved simultaneously, and the entry threshold has also risen. "In the past, enterprises with a sales volume of about 200000 yuan in many months lived very well, but now enterprises with a monthly sales volume of less than 3.5 million yuan have basically no money to make."

"this indicates that the industry is further benign." The above-mentioned person said that due to the extremely low access threshold, the background wall industry is chaotic and mixed, presenting a complex pattern of small average scale of enterprises, low concentration, disordered competition, abnormally high product complaint rate, and restricting the healthy and benign development of the industry

in addition, under the trend of "modern simplicity", the style of the background wall is also quietly changing. It is noted that in Foshan Huaxia Ceramic City and porcelain sea international, many background wall exhibition halls are being renovated, with modern simplicity and new Chinese style as the main style. "It is mainly to comply with the development trend of the industry." According to the background wall enterprise, the current home style is changing, and the background wall is no exception, which must be consistent with the style of the main brick and soft decoration

industry dispute: can the background wall be a brand

as a personalized product with both cultural connotation and artistic flavor, today's ceramic background wall industry has a considerable scale, with a complete production, sales and R & D system, and the manufacturer's brand awareness is becoming stronger and stronger

however, it is still unknown whether the background wall, as a niche product, can form a high-profile brand like ceramic tiles

as a matter of fact, there has been a lot of controversy in the industry about "whether the background wall can build a brand". Negatives believe that the background wall industry has transparent prices, serious product homogenization, low customer loyalty, no bottom mark and lack of brand recognition, and can only be used as pure decorative materials. Others believe that the market volume of the background wall industry is too small, and it is a very niche product. Even the sales of many professional background wall brands are not as large as those sold by ceramic tile enterprises, so it is difficult to build brands

in the exploration of the development road of branding, there have been background wall enterprises in the industry who spent heavily on product innovation, designer channels, wall culture mining, marketing promotion and other aspects to try to build an "influential background wall brand", but the results ended in failure. This makes more enterprises stubbornly believe that "due to the industry attribute of large input and small output, the brand development road of background wall enterprises is not feasible."

the affirmation believes that the ceramic tile background wall is like the tie and wallet in the clothing industry. These small products will form franchised stores or counters after having enough patterns, and so will the background wall industry. "However, the current development of the background wall industry is limited. Few enterprises are really familiar with management and have the strength to operate brands. Many enterprises still stay at the level of products rather than brands."

it is reported that at present, Foshan area

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