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The warm market in 2013 made the mold industry evergreen. The latest PMI of China's manufacturing industry in December 2012 was 50.6%, unchanged month on month. The index has remained above 50% for three consecutive months since September. This shows that the moderate recovery trend of China's economy is basically established, and has laid a good start for the economic operation in 2013

in December 2012, China's manufacturing PMI showed five characteristics: first, the new order index was 51.2%, which has remained at 50% for three consecutive months Voltage: above 380V 3KW, indicating a steady recovery in domestic demand

secondly, industrial production maintained rapid growth. The production index rose to a higher level and remained above 52% for three consecutive months. Although it fell slightly by 0.5 percentage points, the procurement volume index did not decline, up 0.7 percentage points from the previous month, reaching 52.1%, the highest level since May last year

third, exports fell seasonally. The new export order index was 50%, down slightly, 0.2 percentage points from the previous month. As the Christmas effect in the West has been released in advance, the decline in exports is basically normal. In terms of industries, the new export order index of 10 of the 21 industry categories remained above 50%

fourth, the business situation is gradually improving. The PMI index of large enterprises has rebounded significantly, and has remained above 50% for four consecutive months; Nearly 50% of medium-sized enterprises; Small and micro enterprises reached 48.1%, an increase of 2 percentage points over the previous month, and rebounded to the best level since the second half of 2012

finally, the eastern and central regions picked up significantly. The PMI index of the eastern and central regions remained above 50% for two consecutive years, with 50.9% and 52.4% respectively, and increased by 0.1 and 1.8 percentage points over the previous month

Luo Baihui believes that from the trend of PMI in recent March and everyone's experience of a polymer used more in the Paek family: polyether ether ketone (PEEK) in the field of 3D printing, material suppliers and 3D printing equipment, the macro economy shows a basic trend of steady growth. This trend has been further consolidated, which will lay a good foundation for the start of 2013, It is expected that the favorable conditions and positive factors in the economic operation will tend to increase in 2013, and the overall environment will further improve

mold is the basic process equipment of machinery, automobile, electronics and other industrial products, which plays an important role in the development of other industries, and is known as the "mother of industry". Mold industry as an important resource to create technology and wealth, vigorously develop the mold industry, has become the consensus of the mold industry

"in recent years, Frank mouriaux, general manager of the structure Department of world ruag space, added:" this achievement is another result of the close cooperation between Altair and ruag space. The mold market has maintained an output value of US $billion, but the mold market is still in short supply. "The materials used for 3D printing are almost not wasted" Luo Baihui, Secretary General of the International Mold Association, said that the average growth rate of China's mold industry over the past decade has been more than 14%, By 2003, China's mold output value has been second only to the United States and Japan, ranking third in the world, but the mold design and manufacturing level has generally lagged behind Germany, the United States, Japan, France, Italy and other developed countries, the degree of mold commercialization and standardization is lower than the international level, and large, complex, precision, long-life molds rely heavily on imports

the rapid development of China's hardware and plastic industry not only provides broad prospects and huge market space for the development of China's mold industry, but also puts forward higher requirements for China's mold industry. Due to the weak foundation of the mold industry in the central and western regions of China, the lack of talents, the relatively backward technical level, and the industrial pattern of self-produced and self-used molds, and the failure to realize professional cooperation and market-oriented transactions, high-quality, precision and cutting-edge molds are basically processed and purchased in other places

in the new year, we should make mold industrialization more commercialized, standardized, intensive and large-scale, promote the structural adjustment of mold industry, and enhance the market competitiveness of China's mold industry. Luo Baihui said that in the new year, he also hoped that colleagues in the industry would work together to form a complete industrial chain

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