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Binzhou will strive to reach four nationwide mechanization demonstration counties this year. Binzhou/Binzhou news on September 7, the city's Symposium on agricultural mechanization and the on-site demonstration of "three autumn" agricultural machinery operation was held in Zouping County. The meeting analyzed the problems and deficiencies existing in the current work of agricultural mechanization, made clear the work priorities of accelerating the development of agricultural mechanization with the "two haves and two highs" (that is, "the whole process is comprehensive, high-quality and efficient"), and arranged and deployed the "three autumn" agricultural mechanization production work

the meeting required that at present and in the future, the city should thoroughly implement the opinions of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government on accelerating the transformation of old and new kinetic energy and promoting the development of agricultural mechanization with the "two haves and two highs", vigorously promote the transformation and upgrading of modern agricultural mechanization, better meet the growing needs of farmers for agricultural mechanization, and provide strong support for the implementation of the Rural Revitalization Strategy. By the end of this year, we will ensure that boxing, Wudi and Yangxin counties and districts are successfully established as the national demonstration counties for the whole process mechanization of major crop production, and Zouping County has successfully established the provincial "two complete and two high" agricultural mechanization demonstration counties. Zouping County, which has been successfully established with an accuracy of 0.5 ⑴%, strives to reach four national major crop production mechanization demonstration counties

the main tasks of the development of Agricultural Mechanization in the city are as follows: first, to improve the mechanization of the whole process. Actively promote the integration of agricultural machinery and agronomy, focus on strengthening the weak links such as grain drying, efficient plant protection, comprehensive utilization of straw, peanut, alfalfa joint harvest, and cotton machine harvesting, and strive to achieve the coordinated development of non-ferrous metals and other materials, parts, and finished products in the production links of major agricultural right grid crops, such as stretching, twists, stripping, tightening, collapsing, adhesion, tearing, and other mechanical experiments and analysis mechanization. Second, promote comprehensive mechanization. Actively promote the mechanization technology of animal husbandry, fishery, forestry and processing, strive to break through the production links with more labor and basically mature mechanization, such as animal husbandry feed production and processing, feeding, environmental control, aquatic feeding, water quality control, orchard tillage, fertilization, plant protection, agricultural products stripping, cleaning, quality assurance, and strive to achieve the all-round development of mechanization of all industries in the village as far as possible. Third, improve the quality of agricultural mechanization. Actively demonstrate and promote accurate and efficient agricultural machinery equipment and standardized operation technology, strive to improve the quality of agricultural machinery products, operation quality and maintenance quality, and accelerate the all-round informatization of agricultural machinery equipment, operation and management services. Fourth, increase the benefits of agricultural mechanization. Develop various forms of moderate scale operation, vigorously cultivate new agricultural machinery business entities, improve the socialized service system of agricultural machinery, and realize the organic connection between small farmers and the development of modern agriculture; Lengthen the service chain of agricultural mechanization, expand the service field of agricultural mechanization, improve the management level of agricultural mechanization, and promote the sustainable growth of the operating benefits of agricultural machinery

our city will strengthen the guarantee work of the development policy of agricultural mechanization of "two complete and two high", further make full use of the policy of strengthening machinery and benefiting agriculture, speed up the progress of agricultural machinery purchase subsidy, complete the subsidy for 960000 Mu subsoiling operation this year with quality and quantity guaranteed, strive to improve the structure of agricultural machinery and equipment, and accelerate the development of machinery urgently needed for the key of agricultural mechanization; Encourage and support counties and districts where conditions permit to carry out pilot projects of grain drying, efficient plant protection and subsidies for key links of cash crops. Strengthen the scientific and technological support work of "two complete and two high", strengthen the integration of R & D resources, encourage and guide agricultural machinery production enterprises to increase R & D investment, and establish joint R & D teams in agricultural machinery and agricultural research institutions and colleges and universities; Further strengthen the promotion of new machines and technologies, actively promote mechanized technologies such as water-saving irrigation, integration of water and fertilizer, deep application of water and fertilizer, efficient plant protection, film free seeding, residual film recovery, straw returning from the field, livestock and poultry fecal pollution, dead livestock and poultry treatment, improve the utilization rate of pesticides and fertilizers, and promote the resource utilization of agricultural waste; Strengthen the demonstration and promotion of agricultural machinery and agronomic integration technology, summarize the supporting standards of agricultural machinery and equipment, mechanized technical modes and technical regulations in different regions, crops and scales, and realize the mutual adaptation and deep integration of agricultural machinery operation, crop varieties and cultivation modes

the meeting called for the careful organization of "three autumn" agricultural mechanization production, focusing on promoting agricultural production and income, and actively promoting the application of mechanized technologies such as corn seed harvest and origin drying; Do a good job in the late management of machine picking cotton, standardize the route of machine technology integration, and explore and summarize the path mode of the whole process mechanization of cotton production in the Yellow River Basin

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