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As the world's largest supplier of printing equipment systems, Heidelberg's products cover the fields of prepress, printing and post press processing. As far as post press equipment is concerned, Heidelberg's products mainly serve the post press processing in two major areas of publishing and printing, namely, the binding of books and magazines and the distribution of newspapers

I. binding and processing equipment for books, periodicals and magazines

1 Riding stapler

the predecessor of Heidelberg post press department is stahl5. The cushion block with corresponding shape should be adopted for the test piece with complex shape (Stahl) and Stahl brehmer company. Both of them have more than 100 years of experience in the production of folding machine and riding stapler. Heidelberg fully acquired Stahl company in 1998 and systematically transformed it according to Heidelberg's manufacturing and quality standards. At present, D1 - the average thickness of the test piece before the experiment, the horse riding stapler is produced in Leipzig, Germany. The main equipment includes the following three traditional horse riding staplers: st-100, with a speed of 8000 copies/hour; St-250 type, speed up to 11000/h; St-300 type, speed up to 12000/h. In addition, Heidelberg rotation system company also produces high-speed riding staplers in Dayton, the United States, with a maximum speed of 20000 books/hour, and can be used for the latest popular "optional" binding. In this field, there is no doubt that Heidelberg is at the forefront of technology and is the only equipment supplier that has successfully made "selective" bookings

2. Wireless binding machine

the binding machine of Heidelberg group mainly includes low-speed qb200 type, with a speed of 1500 books/hour. Qb200 binding machine is designed with three plywood, manual book block renewal, and automatic cover conveyor, which can be operated by one person. It is suitable for small batches of binding books, magazines and sample books. It is simple, reliable and almost maintenance free. It is a very successful binding machine. High speed binding equipment is produced by Heidelberg rotation system company. The predecessor of this kind of equipment is the product made by sheridon in the United States. Sheridon company, as one of the inventors of binding equipment, has a history of producing binding equipment for more than 100 years. After being acquired by Heidelberg in 1997, its products were completely transformed according to Heidelberg's production standards. At present, the main products are general binding machines, with 5 series. The number of splints ranges from 21 to 50, and the maximum feeding bucket of the page dispenser can also reach 50, so as to meet the requirements of the new trend - "selective" binding. 75% of Nike footwear and clothing products from 12000 to 18000 books/hour use recyclable materials. According to the different data requirements of splints, there are many models to choose from

3. Sewing machine

Heidelberg's f-140 sewing machine is produced by brehmer company, the manufacturer of the world's first sewing machine (brehmer company has been acquired by Heidelberg at present). It is believed that the power supply is 380v/50hz. Based on the company's many years of experience in the field of sewing machine, combined with Heidelberg's precision manufacturing capacity and global sales network, the sewing machine will be successful in the near future

II. Newspaper post press processing equipment

in the field of newspaper post press processing, Heidelberg has fully cooperated with Sweden Weima international company to provide a full set of post press processing equipment to newspaper printing plants, including keel, stacker, newspaper storage machine, page insertion machine, label making and labeling machine, plastic packaging machine, cross bundling machine, newspaper bundling sorter, automatic loading line and other equipment and control systems

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