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Through the analysis of the domestic market, the demand for packaging food machinery will continue to grow at a high speed during the Ninth Five Year Plan period. At the same time, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, convenient food, nutritional health food and baby food will develop faster. In order to meet the needs of the rapid increase of domestic logistics volume and the expansion of exports, market economy will promote the rapid development of commodity packaging and transportation packaging

in recent years, the packaging machinery with strong market demand mainly includes:

bag forming, filling and sealing series packaging machines

small and medium-sized bag packaging is widely used and in great demand, especially in the face of the increase of domestic panel production capacity, especially after the grain market is invigorated, there is a great demand for small packaging such as flour and rice, so we should develop a series of packaging equipment suitable for materials in different states, solve the adaptability, compatibility and reliability of products, and move towards multi-function Automation and high speed

pharmaceutical packaging machinery and packaging materials

all kinds of complete sets of equipment for processing Chinese and Western medicines, especially the modern mechanical equipment processing of traditional Chinese medicine, is an important topic. In order to solve the problems of slicing, making films, injections, creams, powders, pills processing and quality assurance of traditional Chinese medicine, there is an urgent need for all kinds of pharmaceutical processing and packaging equipment, especially high-speed, automatic, multi-functional packaging machinery and its corresponding supporting composite packaging materials

complete sets of convenient food production equipment

recently, the market demand for complete sets of convenient food processing equipment is increasing. According to market research, people's requirements for instant noodles, instant rice noodles, dried noodles, hollow flour, instant porridge, steamed bread, steamed buns, dumplings and other instant foods are nutritious, high-grade and good taste. In addition, the prospect of traditional food processing, elderly and infant food processing equipment is also promising, which should be developed emphatically

grain and edible oil deep processing equipment used by other enterprises through internal technological innovation and mergers and acquisitions

grain and edible oil deep processing equipment was maintained at 20% - 30 per year during the Ninth Five Year Plan period, so that users can process data twice;% Growth rate. It is expected that during the Tenth Five Year Plan period of the new century, these products will maintain a high growth rate and may drive some new packaging equipment, such as disposable paper lunch boxes, paper cups and bowls, etc

perfect protection alarm function: in case of short circuit, electric leakage and over temperature of the working room; When the compressor is under abnormal conditions such as overpressure, overload, oil pressure, water cut-off, etc

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