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From May 9 to 15, Zhejiang Changxing light textile city market

light textile raw materials: in the past week, the polyester market trading volume has fluctuated steadily, and the price trend of most varieties has remained flat. The main test parameters are two: total quality loss (TML) and volatile material condensation (CVCM) are stable; From the perspective of variety trend, fdy50d silk and dayouguang 75D are relatively popular, and the current prices are 14000 yuan/t and 12800 yuan/t respectively. Dty100d144f can move pins and interweave with dty75d/72f to produce Chunya grey fabric; Although the market trading volume of FDY series products 63d/24f (category) and dty75d/36f, 100d/36f, which are the most used in the market, fell slightly, the price of products basically did not change, maintaining the consolidation situation. At present, the downstream weaving enterprises are not optimistic about the future market, and all adopt the strategy of "small batch, multi batch" to pull back the risk. Polyester market is expected to have a weak transition in the future, and price reduction is inevitable. In terms of yarn, 45s pure polyester yarn still has a certain sales volume in the market, and the price trend remains stable. At present, the price of 45S pure polyester yarn is 15600 yuan/t; Recently, the trading volume of polyester cotton yarn 90/10 45s has increased slightly. At present, the market price of polyester staple fiber has shifted downward. It is expected that the price of polyester yarn will not be supported in the future

lining and fabric: in the past week, the whole plain lining market has been unsalable, and the price trend has not changed. From the perspective of variety trend, the trading volume of five satins is OK, and the production and sales of downstream weaving are balanced. Spring Asian grey fabric can also move around, and is mainly sold to Shengze and Shaoxing, aiming at the trend field of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform. In this market, the mainstream conventional plain fabric lining market is not well traded. For example, the existing vehicles downstream of the two major plain fabric varieties, polyester taff and semi elastic Asia textile, have a lot of inventory for safety and durability. Polyester and cotton series lining market transactions showed a "stable volume and price" trend. From the analysis of market conditions, buyers' willingness to purchase has fallen recently. It is understood that there are an estimated 30000 jet looms in Changxing, and shuttle looms of a certain scale. The startup rate of the downstream jet looms is maintained at 60%. The supply of plain lining fabric still exceeds the demand, and the sales volume of lining fabric will gradually decrease, showing the characteristics of off-season. GH craft1 directly provides all possible technical support for the University solar racing team of the Institute of technology

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