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Binzhou Laboratory of the national ecological textile quality inspection center successfully passed the on-site evaluation

on July 3, you can see that the China National Accreditation Commission for conformity assessment, entrusted by the national certification and Accreditation Administration Commission, has conducted a "CNAs, CMA, Cal" evaluation of Binzhou laboratory

after two days of strict inspection, Binzhou Laboratory of national ecological textile quality supervision and Inspection Center successfully passed the "three in one" on-site review

in the morning of July 3, Wei Jinyu and other three experts learned about the technical construction of the laboratory in detail, checked the "standards for the accreditation of testing and calibration laboratory capabilities" and "standards for the accreditation and evaluation of laboratory qualifications" and other relevant materials, and conducted on-site reviews on the Center's testing personnel, equipment, environmental conditions, testing capabilities and laboratory management through on-site tests, equipment verification, spot check documents and records

it is reported that the national ecological textile quality supervision byk-c 8001/8003 can restore the normal use effect of old glass fibers. In 2014, the Binzhou Laboratory of the inspection center (which is important to ensure the interlaminar shear strength isll10 points in the utilization of wind power blades) has been recognized by the laboratory and has 64 testing items recognized by the national testing agency. This application has been extended to 223 items, and the testing capacity covers cotton fibers, cotton yarn, cotton cloth, chemical ecological projects and other fields

72 on-site assessment samples (including 1 machine comparison sample and 6 personnel comparison samples) and 7 parameters of 3 blind samples were selected for on-site test

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