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Bionic design of packaging container morphology

Abstract: the close relationship between bionic design and packaging container morphology is analyzed through examples. The application of bionic design of packaging container morphology in packaging is analyzed and discussed from two aspects: after the expansion of BASF Pudong base of bionic design of concrete morphology, and the backward technology and equipment of bionic design of abstract morphology, the lack of formation of scope production enterprises, and the lack of market competitiveness, In order to achieve the purpose of innovative design, and truly achieve the unity of practicality and aesthetics. It is pointed out that bionic design in packaging design greatly enriches the design method of packaging design, endows products with distinctive personality image, and enhances the charm of packaging

key words: packaging design; Packaging container form; Bionic design

packaging design is an applied art. In the field of applied art, "reference" is a very basic feature of applied art, which requires continuous absorption of nutrition, inspiration and inspiration from other art fields to improve themselves and promote their continuous development and renewal. Modern packaging design mainly draws nutrition from painting art, arts and crafts, special decorative art, etc., which puts forward high requirements for modern packaging designers. At the same time, with the development of society and the rapid changes of people's aesthetic views, as well as the powerful influence of popular culture, packaging design only absorbs nutrition from some art fields, which is more and more disadvantageous to the development of packaging design creativity and more difficult to make a breakthrough. Blood should consider this problem from a broader field and draw lessons from other disciplines more widely

countless organic life (animals and plants) in nature have rich forms and structures, and multidimensional levels of change. Ingenious color decoration and graphic organization, and various strange forms help to enrich the formal language of modeling design, so the mining of bionic forms is an inexhaustible source of intelligence for innovative design, attracting people to imagine and imitate

"the basis of design should come from the truth presented by the life born in nature" (Luigi corrani, a famous German Design Master) or J. It shows that nature contains endless design treasures. Bionics is undoubtedly a new development opportunity for exploring modern packaging design

1 brief introduction of bionic design

bionics is the science of designing new technological systems by imitating the structure, shape and functional principles of biological systems. It is an interdisciplinary marginal science developed in the 1960s. It is the result of the mutual penetration and combination of life science and engineering technology science. Bionic design is a method to study and explore the mechanism of organisms and imitate them for design and creation

any object in nature, including human form, is shaped by its internal characteristics and its environment. Its shape must be related to its life maintenance and living environment, otherwise, nature will ruthlessly eliminate it. In other words, all natural things have their laws of occurrence and development. After millions of years of movement and changes, the changes of their forms have their inevitable reasons

in creative activities, imitating nature is an old and new topic. Human beings have been developing on the basis of imitating and adapting to the natural environment since they entered the civilized era from the ignorant era. From the Sphinx in ancient Egypt, the ox tripod and the deer tripod in ancient China, to furniture in various animal forms in real life (see Figure 1 the egg chair designed by Danish furniture designer ana Jacobson and Figure 2 the armchair designed by Italian designer J. de Paz), architectural design (see Figure 3 the "bird's nest" stadium designed by Swiss Herzog de Mellon company, etc.). From the emergence of human beings into the sky in myths and legends to today's aircraft, so that we can fly into the sky, we should thank nature for giving us ready-made objects that we can imitate and learn. It is the Enlightenment of nature that enables us to develop into today's rich and colorful material world

2 packaging and bionics

why packaging and bionics form such a close relationship? A analysis of organisms in the long-term process of billions of years of life evolution and natural selection, in order to adapt to the environment and better self reproduction, organisms have formed self packaging with different characteristics and functions. The characteristics of this self packaging can be summarized as: protecting, beautifying and adapting to the environmental functions in the field of material innovation. Modern packaging also needs to have the function of protection and sales. Nangang will be equipped with multiple robots in production line 1, which is convenient. On the same day, the packaging also has adaptability problems, and she also has to adapt to the surrounding environment. Although the two have many different environments to adapt to, they keep changing themselves so that they can keep up with the continuous changes of the environment, so that they can survive well and remain invincible

with the development of modern science and technology, the development of packaging shape, packaging materials, packaging processing means, packaging vision and other aspects has been promoted. The impact of bionics on packaging is not only on the original basis, but also with the continuous progress of society. Bionics is not to imitate the biological prototype intact, but based on the biological prototype, through creative thinking, carry out secondary or even multiple innovations to obtain the design form [4]. According to the classification of bionic design in industrial design, bionic design in packaging can be roughly divided into three categories: material bionics, structure and function bionics, and morphology bionics. For example, honeycomb paperboard is a packaging material made by imitating honeycomb structure, which belongs to the category of material bionics. If the orange peel is smooth and porous, it is conducive to the respiration of the orange and prevent the evaporation of water; The combination of orange petals is the best way to save space; The sponge tissue between the orange petal and the orange peel can protect the orange petal, and these structures and functions can be imitated for packaging and buffer design. Bionics of packaging materials and bionics of structure and function will not be described in detail. Shape bionic design has a wide application prospect in the packaging of daily necessities. It makes the packaging more life-oriented, interesting, artistic and has a strong appeal

3 bionic design of packaging container shape

bionic design of packaging container shape is the design of reprocessing and creation based on the shape of biological body. The shaping and expression of the image of packaging containers are developing towards natural and lively humanization and organic modeling, giving packaging personality quality and unique style to attract consumers. Morphological bionics can be divided into two categories: concrete bionics and abstract bionics. The figurative form has the characteristics of reproducing the form of things realistically

Figure 4 shows the packaging design of the famous alprose chocolate in Switzerland. The shape directly imitates the image of cows. It is full of interest and is deeply liked by consumers. The effect of promoting sales is naturally not bad. Figure 5 shows the "d ete" perfume designed by French Kenzo designer. The bottle body is designed like a leaf in the morning light, with a lovely dewdrop on it, fresh and elegant without losing charm. Since its launch in 1991, this bottle shaped "female fragrance leaves" has been widely popular all over the world

figurative bionics stays on the surface of imitating biology, and the ideological and artistic content is relatively shallow. Abstract bionics is a highly simplified and generalized form, which focuses on refining the internal essential attributes of organisms. It is a special geological processing activity, which belongs to high-level thinking and creation activities. It focuses on revealing the conceptual connotation of organisms]. The simplification of this form and the generality of its features coincide with the requirements of modern industrial products for the simplicity of appearance

Figure 6 is a famous bionic packaging in Japan. It uses the shape of banana for reference and abstracts its shape for packaging design. The whole packaging is composed of internal and external parts. What's more ingenious is that it also imitates the action of peeling a banana when it is opened. At the moment of opening, it feels like peeling a banana. This shape is a masterpiece in bionic packaging design

after having a certain understanding and understanding of the theory and current situation of bionic packaging design, we tried to carry out the figurative bionic packaging design of Carpenter Tan's comb - fish like design. The idea of this packaging comes from an ancient Chinese folk story: the second wife of Xuanyuan Yellow Emperor is called Fang Lei. Inspired by hairtail and fishbone, it comes from the story of the invention of wooden comb. At the same time, the selection of wooden comb is also very particular. The shape of this kind of wooden comb is very similar to a fish, so the teeth of the wooden comb are used as fish bones, plus a head and a fish tail to form a fish shaped pattern, which is vivid. When people see this package, they have the illusion that they see a fish, which is very vivid. The design effect is shown in Figure 7. The packaging process adopts body fitted packaging, with heating time of 20s and air extraction time of 10s. Packaging material: the bottom plate is ordinary white cardboard, and the upper material is polyvinyl chloride (VVC). Using transparent materials on the front makes consumers understand the characteristics and quality of products; The name, trademark and relevant information of the product are printed on the back, which is convenient for consumers to buy and choose. At the same time, in the design, it is also considered that the package must be easy to open. In this package, the opening method of cigarette outer packaging film is adopted. There are two indentations along the side line of the fish, and a section of PVC is left on the head of the fish as the opening belt. As long as this section of PVC is pulled, it can be opened easily, which is very convenient for consumers to use

4 Conclusion

in our earth's environment, many natural forms have evolved into today's forms after hundreds of millions or billions of years. The long river of time has proved that these forms have adapted to the natural environment. Therefore, the formation of these natural forms must have its own intriguing and profound reasons. The basic quality of packaging designers is to maintain a keen observation and analysis ability of the form of natural objects

the bionic design concept of packaging container shape is innovative, distinctive and outstanding, and the visual effect is very strong. Such commodity packaging on the dazzling shelves is easy to attract consumers' attention and be accepted by consumers. However, because most of them are irregular shapes, we need to pay attention to the utilization of packaging space. We should further study the relationship between packaging and bionics, explore more original points from natural forms, and create more artistic, interesting and life-oriented packaging form design

source: Packaging Engineering

He Xia, Yang Guoping, Wang Jiajun, Zhejiang University of Technology

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