The hottest market in Fujian has stable PA prices

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The price of PA in Fujian market is stable and the inventory is declining

today, the price of PA in Fujian is stable, and the spot inventory of waste materials suitable for extrusion processing of general materials has decreased. The reason is that the dynamometer piston rotates with great friction or does not rotate is that the recent import of customs sources has decreased. Yesterday, only a small amount of waste plastic leftovers arrived at Quanzhou port, mainly from Malaysia, Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries. Due to the small supply of goods, it is generally difficult for merchants to take goods, and the downstream enterprises' purchasing desire is not strong due to the tightening policy. The transaction is barely maintained. Recently, both buyers and sellers are mainly on the sidelines, and traders are helpless about this. The latest quotation: PA white waste: About 8200 yuan/ton, PA plastic bag: About 5900 yuan/ton, PA6 mottled particles: about 5500 yuan/ton. Move the limit lever up and down by hand

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