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In the past month, in addition to the price stability of recycled PET plastic, the prices of recycled waste paper and recycled aluminum have been falling endlessly

the average price of unsorted waste paper in the United States (PS 54) has seriously fallen to -2.50 US dollars/ton, down 7 US dollars/ton from the national average of 4.69 US dollars/ton last month. It means that waste paper packers need to dump money to dispose of the waste paper in their hands

in the past month, the sorted waste paper (PS 56 and serious shortage of material quality assurance and personnel) has also decreased. It is now $27 per ton, compared with $31 per ton last month. A year ago, the transaction price of this ordinary sort of waste paper was $56 per ton

since early January, the average price of recycled corrugated boxes (ps11) in the United States has decreased by 16%, from $70 per ton to the current range of $59 per ton. In contrast, a year ago, the price of this kind of paper was $105 per ton

last month, the national average price of packaged aluminum cans fell again, from 60.19 cents per pound to the current low of 56.19 cents per pound. The average value of this category a year ago was 7 per pound, and the microcomputer controlled type can display a variety of experimental curves of 2.50 cents, with a considerable decline

the national average price of recycled PET beverage bottles and cans remained unchanged at 15.20 cents per pound, compared with 15.10 cents per pound a month ago. At this time last year, the price of this category was 13.95 cents per pound. In contrast, in June, 2018, the average price in the United States once hit a peak of 17.11 cents per pound

meanwhile, the price of primary color high density polyethylene (HDPE) fell by 9% this month. The average price in the United States is now 35.19 cents per pound, compared with 38.88 cents at this time last month. This is still a significant increase from a year ago, when the national average was 31.81 cents per pound

what "treasures" can't be missed this month? 1 Let's take a look at this year's exhibition. The average price of colored high-density polyethylene (HDPE) in the United States also fell by 10% this month, from 16.41 cents/pound in early January to 14.75 cents/pound at present

the average price of polypropylene (PP) in the United States remained stable at 12.47 cents per pound, up sharply from a year ago, when the price was 8.38 cents per pound

the average price of recycled film of all grades in the United States is still very low. The price of grade a recycled film is still in the range of 8.75 cents/pound, compared with 11.31 cents/pound a year ago. The price of the specific analysis of the fixture of the grade B recycled film testing machine is 2.59 cents per pound, and the price of grade C recycled film is 1.44 cents per pound

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