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Wuhan market is difficult to find cheap and good packaged milk manufacturers turn to high-end packaging

previously common packaged milk is now increasingly rare. Recently, many readers reported that supermarkets now generally can only buy milk in paper cups or cartons, and the bagged milk that used to be available seems to have disappeared from sight. Later, zofang found that there are fewer and fewer supermarkets that can buy bagged milk

it is difficult to find the market of bagged milk

last weekend, Ms. Li, who lives in Xudong, reported to this newspaper that fresh milk in bags seems to be missing according to the country's affirmed goal. She said that the children drink fresh milk every day, and sometimes take it to school to drink. The family regularly buys bagged milk for the children. But after summer, she looked around in wudianshang supermarket, Metro, zhongbaibentmin supermarket and Zhongbai warehouse near her home, but she couldn't buy bagged milk: she asked the salesperson, and they said no, they didn't sell it, and asked me to buy it in cartons

Hankou's tightening has produced great deformation. Some readers also reported that bagged fresh milk is really hard to buy now. Ms. Xia, a reader, said that there were only two small supermarkets near her home. In the past, fresh milk could be bought every day, but somehow this year, it became more and more difficult to buy. When you are lucky, you can buy some from the convenience supermarket, but usually you can only buy boxed milk

for several consecutive days, 20 supermarkets have been specially run for this purpose, and only four supermarkets in Xiongchu Avenue, fruit lake and other places have found bagged fresh milk, with few brands, and the latest production date is about 10 days

manufacturers turn to high-end packaging

why does bagged milk gradually disappear on the shelves of many supermarkets

contacted a number of local dairy companies, many brands said they had stopped producing bagged milk, and some had reduced production. Youzhiyou said that the company has stopped producing bagged milk and now only produces bottled, boxed and cup milk; Kyushu dairy also said it would no longer produce bagged milk. At present, only two kinds of bagged milk, Guangming and Mengniu, can be bought in the Wuhan market, and because of the small purchase volume of supermarkets, the output of these two countries is also greatly reduced than before. Now boxed is the trend, and bagged is very cheap. A dairy company in Huangpi said that all kinds of milk and yogurt packaged in glass bottles and cartons are the current trend. The bags are not high-grade and are easy to be damaged during transportation. A person from youzhiyou company said that in the past, they also produced bagged milk, but from time to time, consumers complained about the damage of the milk, and customers said that the bagged milk tasted plastic when drinking, and it was unsanitary to insert a straw when drinking, so the company stopped production

many supermarkets said that they did deliberately reduce the purchase of bagged milk in summer. The person in charge of Zhongshang parity Shuguang supermarket said that the shelf life of bagged milk is mostly 30 to 40 days, and it is easy to deteriorate during transportation. In addition, the temperature of the supermarket freezer can not meet its requirements and the low temperature. If the bagged milk cannot be sold out, it will also cause losses, so we can only purchase a small amount of goods and sell it in a hurry

bagged milk is cheap and good

bagged milk is very convenient, you can take it with you, and the price is particularly cheap, which is suitable for our family consumption level. Aunt Li, a citizen, said that she had only bought bagged fresh milk for many years, and now she had to go to several more stores to buy it. She hoped that the bagged fresh milk on the market would not disappear

Aunt Li specially compared this: 200 ml bagged fresh milk is only 1.6 yuan, and supermarkets usually sell five bags together, which is equivalent to 8 yuan for 1000 ml fresh milk; Fresh milk in paper boxes costs threeorfour yuan for 250ml, and large paper boxes with 1000ml are more than 14 yuan cheaper, and the most expensive is 28.8 yuan, which is several times that of bagged fresh milk

Wuhan dairy industry is to unite and lead the whole Party and the people's Association of all ethnic groups. The person in charge said that the carton packaging is good-looking and high-end, and aseptic packaging should be achieved. The packaging cost is much more expensive than that in bags, so it drives up the price, and manufacturers naturally prefer to sell products with higher prices. However, he said that production enterprises should also take into account the actual needs of ordinary people. After all, cheap and good products will certainly be welcomed by the majority of consumers, and the market will certainly grow

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