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Editor's note: 2008 is China's "Olympic year" that has attracted worldwide attention, and it is also the "inflection point year" that China's RFID industry places high hopes on. In this year, neither natural disasters nor financial storms can stop the enthusiasm of the RFID industry. So what happened to the RFID industry this year, and what are affecting the development process of the industry

2008 is China's "Olympic year" that has attracted worldwide attention, and it is also the "inflection point year" that China's RFID industry places high hopes on. In this year, neither natural disasters nor financial storms can stop the enthusiasm of the RFID industry. So what happened to the RFID industry this year, and what are affecting the development process of the industry? As the primary network media of RFID industry, RFID world has been paying close attention to every move of this industry. The annual "RFID world's most influential selection" activity held by RFID world faithfully reflects the joys and sorrows of the development of China's RFID industry. The "most influential selection" made a judgment from the common perspective of the public, experts, enterprises and the media, and provided a meaningful reference on how to promote the faster and better popularization and application of RFID technology and the healthy development of RFID industry, which was praised by the industry. Although the results of this year's "China RFID world's most influential selection activity" have not been announced, we can see from the list of applications and candidates that it is some specific events, application cases, enterprises and products that affect the development process of China's RFID industry

policies - favorable policies go hand in hand with the promotion of standards

with the maturity and popularization of RFID technology, the Chinese government is aware of the impact of RFID technology on the future and the huge business opportunities it contains, and formulates relevant policies or inputs to actively promote the development of RFID industry

this year, the support of Chinese government departments for RFID has not weakened, creating a very good growth environment for the development of RFID. The specific related work carried out by government departments has become a major event with deep influence on the RFID industry

in March, the national development and Reform Commission issued the notice on organizing and carrying out informatization pilot work, which clearly included promoting the application of RFID technology in the main objectives and key tasks of the pilot work in 2008

in April, the Ministry of industry and information technology announced the three-year development plan for the national gold card project, which is rarely used in the National IC card application

In June, the technical guidance document of China's electronic label standard working group passed the review

in September, the Ministry of science and technology released the application guide for major projects in the field of advanced manufacturing technology of the national high technology research and development plan (863 plan) "radio frequency identification (RFI effective internal code up to 400000; d) technology and application" in 2008, and a total of 21.5 million yuan is proposed to be allocated. These supports and the development of standard setting work play an inestimable role in the development of RFID industry

in addition, industry organizations such as Shandong RFID industry alliance, Jinan RFID industry alliance and the RFID industry alliance of the three places on both sides of the Taiwan Straits have been established one after another, and various RFID related exhibitions, seminars, forums and other events have had a far-reaching impact on the RFID industry. It provides a strong driving force for the development of RFID industry

application cases - promote development with application

"government led, promote development with application", this development idea followed by the industry last year, its role has begun to show. The application-oriented demonstration projects began to play a role from point to area. It can be said that every demonstration project or successful case is a brochure of RFID technology

the most influential representative successful case this year is the application of RFID electronic tickets in the Olympic Games. Under the influence of the concept of scientific and technological Olympics, electronic tickets, as the highlight of Olympic Science and technology, are favored by the media. For a time, RFID technology attracted worldwide attention. The successful application of electronic tag tickets in the Olympic Games has also made electronic tag tickets a hot spot of application. Many tourist attractions, performances and sports games will begin to apply electronic tag tickets on a large scale. For example, tickets for Aaron Kwok's World Tour Concert, Qingdao Beer Festival and Laoshan tourist area all use this technology. More and more ordinary people enjoy the convenience brought by RFID technology, and also understand this high-tech technology that will change the future of the world

in addition, there are some cases that deserve our attention. For example, the world's first international container electronic label route was born in Shanghai, which has had a far-reaching impact on the entire shipping industry, and can be called the successful application of electronic labels with world-class influence; China's first "subway ticket" was officially tried in Guangzhou, filling the gap in the application of RFID technology in China; The successful launch of RFID projects of Shanghai Changning library, Wuhan Library and national digital library has also injected a shot in the arm for RFID users in the field of books. This batch of successful typical application cases not only helped the RFID industry achieve the accumulation and improvement of technology and experience, but also eliminated various concerns about the application of RFID technology in corresponding industries

Enterprises - local enterprises have a strong momentum of development, and international enterprises have entered

with the continuous enhancement of Chinese consumers' brand awareness, brand has become the main tool for end users to understand and evaluate RFID enterprises. RFID enterprises have begun to strive to establish brands and expand their influence to seize the commanding height of the market

Shenzhen yuanwanggu Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the most influential domestic representative enterprises this year. As China's first listed RFID enterprise and industry leader, Yuanwang Valley has maintained a high rate of growth and expansion this year. In the first three quarters, the operating revenue was 94.5 million yuan, an increase of 74.29% year-on-year; The net profit was 22.4 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 143.35%. At the same time, the gloomy stock market price has been strong all the way. When the financial storm hit, it stabilized the morale of the RFID industry and greatly encouraged the confidence of entrepreneurs in the industry

in addition, influential domestic representative enterprises include:

Jiangsu Ruifu Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., which launched a free RFID training program throughout the year

ZTE Co., Ltd. with a total investment of 6.55 billion yuan for 11 projects including RFID projects

Shenzhen Xianshi Technology Co., Ltd., which won the promotion project of the national torch plan, successfully applied the electronic seal to Shanghai xiupai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., the world's first international route of container electronic labels, and so on

while striving to expand their influence, these benchmark enterprises have also made outstanding contributions to the development of China's RFID industry

in recent years, the rapid expansion of China's RFID market and the continuous growth of local RFID enterprises have stimulated foreign enterprises to "search for gold". The RFID market in China, which is generally favored by the world's RFID giants, has become the most intense battlefield. In order to better integrate the brand into the Chinese environment and expand its influence in the Chinese market. Foreign enterprises began to strengthen the localization of brands and brand communication strategies

fenou Lantai label Co., Ltd. is a model among them. Fenou Lantai invested 100million yuan to build its world's largest electronic label production base in Guangzhou to strengthen the connection with Chinese electronic label users and system integrators. As a result, it has effectively improved its influence on the Chinese Mainland market, and also radiated to the entire Asia Pacific region. The huge investment of 100million yuan has also greatly encouraged the confidence of Chinese entrepreneurs

representatives of foreign enterprises with deep influence and active in China's RFID market include alien technology Co., Ltd., NXP Semiconductor Co., Ltd., etc. Alien technology Co., Ltd. married Yongdao radio frequency tag (Yangzhou) Co., Ltd. and began to produce RFID chips in China; NXP Semiconductor Co., Ltd., the world's leading supplier of RFID chips, has exported a large number of RFID chips to China. The activity of foreign enterprises also reflects their high attention to China's RFID market

under the background of old local enterprises and transnational RFID giants competing for the market, a group of cutting-edge enterprises represented by Huizhou Hengrui Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. are not afraid of the complex market environment and fierce competition, and grow up in the cracks with their own strength and potential. Huizhou Hengrui Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has obtained three patents in the field of technology development with its powerful R & D team in less than one year since its establishment

products - UHF products with independent intellectual property rights appear

in 2008, the RFID industry chain has been improved and developed from hardware manufacturing technology to ensure the continuity of sampling and data transmission, middleware to system integration and application. Products such as drawing various curves and printing are more mature, cheaper and diverse. More importantly, this year, UHF tag and reader products with independent intellectual property rights have appeared in China, which has changed the previous phenomenon that RFID products are concentrated in the high-frequency band

the influential and representative product is the RFID chip with the smallest size in China, which is jointly developed by Tsinghua University and Tongfang microelectronics company. The chip has a minimum area of 0.3 mm2 and a minimum thickness of 50 microns. It can be embedded in paper, and the farthest recognition distance is about 5 meters. The chip has also been successfully applied to the Olympic RFID electronic ticket inspection service system

in addition, the UHF electronic label chip qr2233 produced by Shanghai Kunrui Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. also caused a lot of waves. This product passed the epcglobalclass1gen2 compatibility and interoperability dual certification and was authorized this year. At the same time, it has also become the world's first epcc1gen2 single-chip product with a capacity of 2kbits, the first epcglobalclass1gen2 chip in Asia that has passed the official authorization and certification of EPCglobal, and the first RFID chip product mass produced by 0.18 micron process in China. We can see that domestic enterprises are increasing the research and development of RFID technology to further reduce costs and prepare for large-scale applications

in a word, the prospect of China's RFID industry is very bright, but the road of development is still tortuous. Although the development speed is fast, there has never been a blowout phenomenon. Although the successful application of RFID technology in the Olympic Games, which people have high hopes, has led to some application hotspots, the promotion of the industry will not be as fast as you think. Of course, it also further confirms that the development idea of "taking the government as the leading role and promoting development through application" is very correct

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