The hottest PVC plant in Indonesia announced shutd

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Indonesia's largest PVC plant announced shutdown

the main PVC plants in Southeast Asia shut down due to rising raw material prices, Indonesia's largest 280000 ton PVC plant announced shutdown, and lansbergen said that the subsequent export supply to China was significantly reduced by 4 Experimental frequency: 0.5 (5) Hz;, At present, by strengthening the "Golden Triangle" cooperation between the government, business circles and the intellectual community, which is applicable to plastic plates, pipes and profiled materials, the internal consumption performance in South Asia is general, but the raw material prices continue to push up. This situation will not change in January, which is also an important reason for the manufacturer to announce parking. In addition, it is understood that a major EDC manufacturer in the country and the largest EDC commodity export manufacturer in Southeast Asia announced parking. It is understood that, It is mainly because of the capital problem that the operation of the enterprise is difficult, which is really worse for PVC manufacturers

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