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PVC plastic grinding machine to cope with the surging market

PVC plastic grinding machine is mainly composed of seven main parts: body, grinding mechanism, feeding mechanism, grinding roller distance adjustment mechanism, hydraulic automatic control mechanism, transmission mechanism and cleaning device. The screening device on the large mill is independent. The grinding and screening devices on the small mill are integrated (disc mill)

in the waves of plastic flour mills, many dealers were gradually eliminated, but after the baptism of wind and rain, some manufacturers showed vigorous vitality and gave out dazzling light. A large part of these reasons are attributed to the PVC plastic grinder. Only if its quality is hard enough, can it bring more excellent products to the enterprise and fight a beautiful battle. Improving production efficiency and reducing production costs and raw material losses are the ultimate goal for manufacturers to choose PVC plastic mills. Equipment is the capital of production and the guarantee of production. When choosing, we must not ignore it. In the surging market, if you take a wrong step, the consequences will be unimaginable. This is mainly used on the surface of precision instruments, meters, precision measuring tools, and the friction surface of extremely important parts. Smart investors must not fall in the aspect that the equipment mixing cushion is different from the traditional gap filling cushion. Starting from every little thing, we know from the data mechanics that when we choose the PVC plastic grinding machine, the partner is the embodiment of quality and productivity

pvc plastic mill frame adopts the combined structure of upper steel plate welding and lower cast iron support, and the grinding roller is installed on the cast iron lower support beam (with steel beam). The grinding stress is self-sustaining, which is conducive to maintaining the stability of the rolling distance and reducing the noise. The grinding rollers are arranged horizontally, which is convenient for materials to enter the rolling distance of the grinding rollers. PVC plastic grinding machine is easy to improve, and it is not easy to splash materials after grinding. PVC plastic mill has novel grinding structure, convenient and flexible operation, stable rolling distance, good grinding effect, and unique grinding roller bearing structure. Reliable positioning. It runs smoothly and can realize rapid roll change. The fast and slow rolls are driven by three wheel gear wedge belt with deviation correction. Safe and reliable. PVC plastic grinder has a grinding chamber suction device, which can also grind down and discharge materials by gravity. The pneumatic system of PVC plastic mill has unique structure and simple air circuit. The failure rate of PVC plastic mill is low. It is a fully enclosed lifting and overturning four piece housing. The motor is placed in the housing and has a compact structure. Beautiful appearance. Safe and reliable operation

pvc plastic grinding machine is produced according to the strict quality standard and formula of Italy. All PVC plastic grinding machines are centrifugally cast in electric furnaces. The crystal structure is uniform, and the hardness and wear resistance are consistent. It can better control the composition of molten iron, especially the carbon content, reduce the content of sulfur and phosphorus harmful components and the burning loss of alloy elements, and make the distribution of alloy elements uniform, reduce segregation, and make the surface hardness of grinding rollers more uniform. PVC plastic grinding machine has perfect quality assurance system and advanced testing equipment, full-automatic weight measurement, electric furnace centrifugal casting, timely and effectively control the composition and temperature of molten metal, remove impurities in steel, and meet the material requirements of high-quality grinding rollers

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