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PVC pipe production formula knowledge PVC pipe and pipe production process flow

PVC pipe is one of our common pipes, which is usually used with PVC pipe and pipe fittings. Many people don't know much about the production formula. Here are some PVC pipe production formula knowledge and PVC pipe and pipe production process flow to share with you, so that you have more understanding, let's have a look

pvc pipe production formula knowledge:

with the continuous development of science and technology, building materials have changed with each passing day. For example, PVC pipes can provide us with extremely safe construction guarantee for Dow packaging and special plastics business department to continue to pay attention to key markets, so we need to understand the production formula of PVC pipes, so that we can make better choices

There are many kinds of PVC pipe production formulas. For example, ABS material can be used. It is widely used in many places and can transport drinking water, mud and chemicals. Add relevant auxiliary materials for configuration, and then transport them accordingly after comprehensive mixing. After multiple manufacturing processes, it is put into the mold to make the finished product. Another is the use of UPVC material, which is characterized by high chemical resistance, good service life and quality, and convenient installation

secondly, PVC-U pipe formula also has many contents. For example, the finished product made of CPVC has a very strong resistance to acid, alkali, salt and other harsh substances. And using PP to mask multiple materials can directly output drinking water and ultra pure water, which plays a great role in pharmaceutical and chemical industry. Of course, PE can also be used. It doesn't need to be dry, can withstand great pressure, is not easy to be corroded by toxic substances, has strong toughness, and has been used for a very long time. It is not easy to breed bacteria inside, so we can use it with confidence

finally, the proportion of each material should be matched in strict accordance with national standards, so as to ensure that the product quality will not have problems

production process of PVC pipes and fittings:

the production process of PVC pipes and fittings needs to be designed and processed on the longitudinal beam of the raw material host frame. Because the battery is composed of adjustable pin holes with a distance of lithium-ion batteries, PVC stabilizers, plasticizers, antioxidants and other auxiliary materials are added into the high-speed mixer in proportion and process, and the materials are heated to the set process temperature through self friction between materials and machinery, The material is reduced to degree by the cold mixer, so that it can be added to the bucket of the extruder

in the extruder part, a quantitative feeding device is installed to match the extrusion amount with the feeding amount to ensure the stability of the product. Refer to the original link: carbon nanotube'sticks'make stronger, lighter composites Extrusion, the extrusion die head part is PVC that has been compacted, melted, mixed and homogenized, and subsequent materials are pushed to the die head through the screw. The extrusion die head is a relevant part for pipe forming. The vacuum shaping water tank is used for shaping and cooling pipes. The vacuum shaping water tank is equipped with a vacuum system and a water circulation system for shaping and cooling, a stainless steel box, and circulating water spray cooling. The tractor is used to continuously and automatically lead the cooled and hardened pipes out of the machine head and regulate the speed with frequency conversion. After the cutting machine is controlled by the travel switch according to the required length, it will automatically cut and delay the rack turnover to implement flow production

the turnover action of the turnover frame is realized by the air cylinder through the air circuit control. The turnover is erected with a limit device. When the cutting saw cuts off the pipe, the pipe continues to be transported. After a time delay, the air cylinder enters the work to realize the turnover action and achieve the purpose of unloading

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