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Safety technology for the work of milling machines, drilling machines and planers

in the work of milling machines, milling cutters, chips, workpieces and fixtures for clamping workpieces may cause injuries to milling workers. For example, when clamping the workpiece and removing the workpiece from the milling machine, the worker's hand is close to the milling cutter without shielding, measuring parts or removing chips under the milling cutter with hands and other objects when the milling machine is running, fingers are close to the milling cutter when inspecting the machined surface roughness, and so on. Accidents may occur

in order to prevent accidents, you must use a brush to remove the cuttings on the milling machine, and do not approach the rotating milling cutter to inspect the machined parts

when working on a vertical milling machine, the protruding part of the milling cutter body and the fastening parts are dangerous parts. Therefore, when designing this kind of cutter, it is necessary to insert fastening parts such as screws into the inside of the milling cutter body

during high-speed cutting, due to the increase in the amount of chips and the high temperature of chips, there is a risk of being stabbed and scalded by chips, so the working point on the milling machine must be equipped with protective devices. Generally, a variety of protective devices can be designed according to the working conditions of the milling machine. In some cases, a simple chip guard can be used. If there is no such device or chip baffle, personal protective equipment, such as eyepiece, should be used, and the upper and side of the eyepiece should preferably be sealed; Or set various transparent plexiglass screens in appropriate places

a chip collection guide pipe should also be set up on the milling machine to collect the "reverse direction" chip flow. The chips falling into the guide tube collide with the semicircular rear tube wall. Reduce the speed and fall into the chip collector installed at the rear of the guide tube. When milling cast iron at high speed, install dust suction device

when operating the milling machine, the following safety rules should be observed:

(I) wear clothes and hats

1. The work clothes should be tight, and the cuffs should be fastened or sleeved. Strictly prevent the corners of clothes from being rolled into the moving part of the machine tool

2. Female workers should wear work hats and stuff all their hair into them

3. no wearing. Do you understand? I hope this article can help you operate the milling machine with gloves

4. Wear protective glasses during high-speed cutting

5. Wear masks when milling cast iron workpieces

(II) prevent the cutting injury of the milling cutter

1. When assembling and disassembling the milling cutter, use a wiping cloth to pad the lining, and do not hold the milling cutter directly with your hand

2. Do not touch or brake the milling cutter before it stops completely

3. when using the wrench, the direction of force should avoid the milling cutter, so as to prevent the wrench from slipping and causing work injury

4. During the cutting process, do not touch the workpiece by hand to avoid being damaged by the milling cutter

(III) prevent the chips from damaging the skin and eyes

1. Remove the chips with a brush, not with hands or mouth blowing

2. Do not stand in the direction of chip outflow during operation, so as to avoid chips flying into the eyes

3. If there are chips flying into your eyes, do not rub them with your hands, and ask a doctor for treatment in time

II. Drilling machine

drilling is widely used in metal cutting. Fried dough twist drill is the main tool for drilling on solid materials

(I) unsafe factors and protective measures for drilling

when the drilling machine is working, the rotating parts such as spindle, sleeve, drill bit and transmission device may curl up people's clothes and hair if appropriate protective devices are not taken. Accidents can occur when the workpiece is not clamped firmly on the drilling machine workbench, the drill bit is not tightened, or the drill bit is broken

when drilling ductile metal, if the continuous iron chips drilled are not equipped with chip breaking device; Or when drilling brittle metal, removing the iron filings from the parts on the drilling machine without observing the safety regulations may cut the workers

in order to work safely, various measures should be taken for the design of drilling machine, fixture and bit grinding to prevent accidents

according to the requirements of general cutting machine tools, the transmission device must be firmly covered

there shall be no protruding edge outside the sleeve for clamping the drill bit. The device for clamping the drill bit must ensure that the drill bit clamp has made great progress in the sand prevention and control work in Gansu, Ningxia and other places, and it is firmly installed, aligned with the center and convenient for loading and unloading

when the parts are drilled, reamed, scraped the bottom of the hole and a series of continuous operations, and the drill bit needs to be loaded and unloaded frequently, or drill holes with different diameters, the quick loading and unloading sleeve should be used. This kind of casing can unload the drill bit when the spindle rotates, which is relatively safe, and most self-healing polymers are mainly composed of hydrogen bonds or metal ligands, which significantly improves labor productivity

when drilling holes on small-sized parts, manual clamps must be used

the drill bit should be prevented from breaking during operation. The breaking of the drill bit is mainly caused by the following reasons

when drilling, the drill bit breaks when it touches the sand hole or hard block on the part

the spiral groove on the drill bit is filled with iron filings and it is too late to remove it, which makes the drill bit break

when cutting very thick ductile metal with a fried dough twist drill, two spiral iron chips are discharged from the drill and rotate with the drill, causing workers to be injured. This kind of drilling cuttings must be broken into fragments during the process of drilling. It can be made into a chip breaking groove on the drill bit or feed the drill bit periodically and intermittently. If the drilling cuttings are unblocked, the drill bit is not easy to break

(II) material and characteristics of cutting tools

fried dough twist drills are generally made of high-speed steel, or formed by metal cutting or twisting. The former is a special drill bit temporarily needed by some factories and unavailable in the market; The latter is generally used by professional factories, which can save a lot of raw materials

the characteristic of fried dough twist drill is that the rake angle near the edge is large, the closer it is to the center of the drill, the smaller the rake angle is, and even a negative rake angle appears at the horizontal edge. In order to improve production efficiency and prevent accidents, drillers generally have to change the grinding of drill bits

    φ The angle is increased or decreased according to the material properties and the thickness of the work

the horizontal edge shall be polished to reduce the drilling resistance

two blades open the chip separation groove to break chips, etc

in a word, it makes drilling easy, chip removal convenient, and prevents accidents

some special materials are processed. At present, cemented carbide bits are widely used. It can improve the tool durability and cutting speed. It is used to process brittle hard materials such as cast iron, insulating materials, glass, etc., which can significantly improve the cutting efficiency. Especially for materials that are difficult to machine, such as high manganese steel, cemented carbide bits must be selected for processing. However, when processing general steel, due to the vibration and instability in the drilling process, the application of cemented carbide is quite limited. 2 The experimental force value needs further research and exploration

at present, cemented carbide bits are mainly in the form of inserts, that is, flat cemented carbide blades are welded to slotted tool bodies

the driller should have an understanding of the cemented carbide head and master the characteristics of cemented carbide bits, which is very helpful to prevent unsafe factors in the drilling process

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