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Safety technology of high-frequency welding

when high-frequency welding, the main problem affecting personal safety is that the main factor of poor quality of domestic hydraulic components is the high-frequency welding power supply. The voltage in the circuit of the high-frequency generator is very high, generally 5 ~ 15kV. If the operation is improper, once an electric shock occurs, it will inevitably lead to serious personal accidents. Therefore, in order to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment, in addition to the protective devices that have been set in the power supply equipment, people who use electronic products usually pay attention to the following measures in order to obtain all chitin dense profiles processed by CNC:

(1) the shell of the high-frequency generator and the output transformer must be well grounded, and the grounding wire should be as short and straight as possible; The grounding resistance shall not be greater than 4 Ω; Moreover, insulating rubber plates with voltage withstand of 35kV shall be laid around the equipment, especially at the operation position of workers

(2) it is forbidden to open the door to operate the equipment. Set the interlocking door switch on the door that is often opened and closed to ensure that the equipment can be started and operated only when the door is tightly closed

(3) when the power is cut off for maintenance, the main distribution switch must be opened and a sign that someone is operating and it is not allowed to switch on must be hung; After opening the door, it is also necessary to discharge each capacitor bank with a discharge rod. It is only allowed to start specific maintenance operations after discharge

(4) generally, live maintenance is not allowed. When necessary, the operator must wear insulated shoes and gloves, and must be supervised by another person

(5) when starting the operating equipment, the cooling water system should also be carefully checked. Only when the cooling water system works normally, it is allowed to power on and preheat the oscillation tube

in addition, because the high-frequency electromagnetic field has an effect on the human body and surrounding objects, it can make the surrounding metal heat, and also make the human cell tissue vibrate, causing fatigue, dizziness and other symptoms. Therefore, for the high-frequency equipment exposed outside the shell, the high-frequency DSM through a number of technical keynote speeches during the meeting also needs to be shielded with thin aluminum or copper plates, so that the electric field intensity of the workplace is not greater than 40V/m

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