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Safety technology of large formwork engineering

large formwork projects the amplified outline of the illuminated object onto the projection screen through the objective lens. Engineering is a new construction technology using large tool formwork cast-in-situ concrete. In recent years, the construction technology of large formwork has been rapidly improved, and the construction technology of large formwork has been gradually promoted, which is widely used in multi-storey and high-rise civil building projects. And a new building construction system has been preliminarily formed, which is usually called the cast-in-situ integral building system or large-scale formwork building for short. At this stage, the houses built by the construction of large-scale formwork buildings in China are generally loaded by horizontal walls, so the internal walls generally adopt large-scale formwork cast-in-situ concrete (or reinforced concrete) walls, and there are several different methods of conventional construction

1. Large formwork buildings with full cast-in-place walls

these buildings are cast-in-place concrete, and the internal and external walls are cast-in-place, which has good overall performance and is conducive to earthquake resistance

2. Large formwork buildings combined with cast-in-place and brick masonry

these buildings are internally cast and externally built, which improve the construction progress and are very suitable for high-rise residential structures. They have good performance and overall performance, strong seismic resistance, convenient construction, high degree of mechanization, fast construction progress, reduce labor intensity, reduce on-site labor and improve labor productivity

3. This kind of new damping material will be cast in large formwork buildings that want to be combined with prefabrication by cutting-edge weapons and equipment.

this kind of building refers to making large wall panels before external decoration, and then hoisting and pouring, which overcomes the shortcomings of large amount of external decoration of large formwork buildings with full cast-in-place walls, and can speed up the construction progress while ensuring the construction quality

construction quality standard of large formwork construction engineering:

the perpendicularity of the formwork is 3mm, the formwork axis is 2mm, the section width is +2~3mm, the installation of the external wall panel is 5mm vertical, and the concrete strength reaches more than 50% of the design strength before the formwork can be removed

safety technology for construction of large formwork:

large formwork should be stored in categories, the site should be flat and compacted, and there should be no loose soil. Tie rods should be used between plates to prevent large formwork from falling and hurting people due to wind cutting or impact. The large formwork must be installed as soon as it is hoisted. The two formworks should be in place at the same time and straightened at the same time, and cannot be in place unilaterally to prevent dumping. From May 28, 2017, when installing in place or removing the formwork, the lifting commander and hook personnel must stand in a safe and reliable place before operation. It is strictly prohibited to hoist with the large formwork. The lifting appliance used for lifting the large formwork should use a long ring, and the hook should not be used, After the large-scale formwork is installed in place, professionals should be assigned to connect the large-scale formwork in series and connect it with the lightning protection network to prevent electric leakage from injuring people. When removing the large-scale formwork, it should be checked first. First, remove the obstacles such as through wall bolts, and lift the anchor bolts so that the floor and wall can be lifted. When lifting, two pieces should not be lifted at a time, let alone inclined lifting. After removal, when cleaning the board surface or painting release agent, the large-scale formwork must be reinforced, Prevent people from being injured by dumping

safety protection of large formwork construction:

two methods of safety erection can be adopted. The first method is to use the method of safety rising with the wall layer by layer. One safety layer should be fixed on the second, sixth and tenth floors every four floors; The second method is to support and erect one safety layer from the second layer. If the amount of steel is too large, the fourth layer must be removed when supporting and erecting the eighth layer to ensure the safety of the fourth layer. According to the introduction of the national standards committee, if workers use baskets, they are not allowed to remove them before the installation of baskets

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